Benefit Offerings
Build your own benefits with our easy quote, now you can carry your benefits with you.
Job Recruitment
In a sea of people, GoodJob can spot the best employee 3 out of 4 times, saving you time and money.

Payroll Services
Simpeo is the simple solution to your business’s biggest problems – all in one place.
Paycheck Advance
Life doesn’t wait two weeks. 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck

Payday Advance

Immediate opens the door to financial wellness for your employees through elective access to earned pay, with guardrails, insights, and education that promote responsible use.

Immediate Solution for Employers

Employers can help improve the financial wellness and eliminate cycles of debt for workers by allowing access to hard-earned pay every single day. This earned wage access is essential for getting workers out of crippling cycles of payday loans and credit card debt. Immediate verifies hours worked and allows your employees to access their pay early, all with no additional cost to the employer.

Career Recruitment

GoodJob simplifies the hiring process by serving you qualified job-seekers who will fit your company’s culture.

Stop guessing and hire the right person.

What if you could quickly discern which people would be the happiest and most productive at your company? GoodJob can. Our machine-learning technology and assessment tools are proven to reduce time and cost to hire, lower churn rates, and improve employee productivity. Our AI platform efficiently searches for culture fits and effortlessly mitigates bias to hire and promote for Diversity & Inclusion.

Pharmacy Discount Card

We give you the flexibility to see if Hippo prices are lower than pharmacy or insurance prices while you are at the pharmacy and before you pay. Hippo helps customers like you make smarter choices about how and when they pay for your medication.

Payroll Services

Simpeo simplifies payroll. We keep track of everything, from vacation time to sick time. Plus we handle payroll taxes and government compliance. Time is money. Spend yours focusing on your business. We’ll get your people paid.

Payroll Made Simple.

Simpeo handles everything when it comes to your payroll including hourly tracking for full- and part-time employees, sick time and vacation days. And, of course, we handle payroll taxes and other legal necessities. Seriously. Let Simpeo handle it so you can spend your time on the things that generate more income for your business.

Insurance Plans

Non-Insurance Plans

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